Cat Cave and Cocoon Designs

Cat Cave and Cocoon Designs

Modern Cat Caves For Your Cat to Cozy Up Inside

If your cat tends to disappear under the bed or inside your closet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s frightened. Cats often squat in hidden places for various reasons. If you suspect that your cat is hiding out of fear, try to give him an alternative that you can place in a more social area. A cat cave is the perfect solution, providing him with the safety he needs – hidden away but also on the lookout. A confident cat is a happy cat!

In this post I review several cat furniture designs that serve as a movable cat nest that is also stylish and chic.

Felt cat caves

Lithuanian brand “Agnes Felt” offers a collection of wool felt items for cats and dogs. The woman behind the brand, Agnė Audėjienė, crafts adorable handmade objects from wool felt. The design that grabbed my attention is the iconic cat cave with ears.

felt cat cave cat bed cat cocoon
Cat cave with ears from Agnes Felt

The warm and cozy cat caves are handmade of 100% natural felted wool. The only other materials used in the process are water and soap. Felt products have no seams, which adds to their uniqueness.

In Agnes Felt’s Etsy shop you will find dozens of different designs – cat caves with or without ears, cat igloo beds, cat caves with a cat shaped opening, pebble shaped cat cocoons and more. These whimsical cat caves are made to order: Agne is willing to make a cave in whatever color you prefer. You can even get it with a Ziggy Stardust lightening bolt!

felt cat cave cat bed cat cocoon
Ziggy Stardust felt cat cave
felt cat cave cat bed cat cocoon
Felted cat igloo bed

The felt cat cave comes in a variety of shapes and sizes – so they can fit all sizes of cats and even small dogs. Maintenance is easy: simply wash the cat cave with wool-suited detergents in warm water, then shape it back to its original form and allow to dry.

Ball and Cube Cat Cocoon

This luxurious cat ball comes from French cat furniture makers “Meyou Paris”. A colorful, hand weaved resin ball is enclosed in a minimalist metal or wooden frame. These come in a wide variety of colors – from bright yellow, peacock blue and clay maroon to subtle gray tones and cream – there is a match for any interior. Inside the ball is a soft cotton cushion, for maximum comfort. It doesn’t get much better than that.

cat cave cat ball cat cocoon cat bed
“The Cube” in clay
cat cave cat ball cat cocoon cat bed
“The Ball” in dark gray

“The ball” and “the cube” are two similar products that differ only in the frame that keeps the ball from rolling around. “The cube”, as the name suggests, consists of a minimalist metal or wooden cube shaped frame. “The ball” is held in place by a contemporary frame made with a combination of wood and metal.

Apart from the classy Parisian Chic, Meyou Paris also incorporate consciousness into their products, by manufacturing locally and using recyclable materials. Another advantage of this product is that it’s easy to maintain – just wipe the ball and frame with a damp cloth. The cushion can be machine washed.

minimalist cat shell

If you’re into modern design with clean lines, you’ll love this cat pod from the Japanese brand Oppo. The Cat Shell is both a cat bed and an enclosed cat cave. Placing one shell upside down on top of another (and fastening them securely with snap hooks) will create a comfortable dome for your cat to cozy up inside.

Cat Shell by Oppo

The shell is made of recycled pulp (don’t you just love eco-friendly, sustainable furniture?), it’s super easy to clean and is also water resistant. It comes in a shell-like, creamy color, elegantly fitting in any space.

bamboo cat cave

Fhasso’s designer cat cave offers all the luxury your cat will ever need. This cat cave is made of fine materials and is extremely elegant, making it a perfect fit for your style soaked interior. A natural organic bamboo shell inhabits a soft velvet cushion – it’s a real treat for any decadent cat.

cat bed cat cave cat ball
Bamboo cat cave in slate – Fhasso

The bamboo cat cave, handmade in Vietnam, is fair-trade, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It is currently available in two interior colors – slate (pictured above) and milk. The velvet cushion cover can be unzipped and machine washed. The dimensions are 13.8 x 17.8 inch (35 x 45.2 cm) – cuddly yet spacious enough. It can fit large cats and even up to medium-sized dogs.

a cat cave for boho lovers that suits the outdoors

Any furniture recommendation article is incomplete without a little something for the boho-chic fans. It’s a good thing I found this comfy wicker cat cave to go along with the rest of your rattan furniture collection. Inspired by a bird’s nest, this enclosed cat bed has a slightly wider opening compared to the previous products mentioned in this article, which allows you to interact with your cat while he’s perching inside.

wicker cat cave cat bed cat cocoon
Wicker cat bed from D+Garden

Wicker is highly durable which makes this item suitable for the outdoors, as well as – and this is the important part in my opinion – being scratch resistant! It is weather-resistant, which means it’s water-resistant and therefore easy to clean. Inside is a soft cushion that can be machine washed.

Does your furry friend have a favorite cat cave or cocoon? Which of these designs would best fit your interior? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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