Cat Teepee Designs Your Cat and You Would Love

Cat Teepee Designs Your Cat and You Would Love

Bring the Outdoors In With These Cat Tents and Teepees

Cats often like to hide, and they do so for several reasons. While it is usually a perfectly normal behavior, I still want to control where my cats can hide. Spots like the washer or dryer, or even the space behind the fridge can be dangerous. Besides, not everyone likes it when their furry roommate sits inside the closet on a neat pile of bed linen. Placing a hiding spot such as a cat teepee for your cat in a social area may not only help you gain back control, but it can benefit your cat as well.

Many contemporary cat furniture are designed to serve this exact purpose. These include cat caves and cocoons, enclosed cat beds and boxes, and of course, teepees. Cat teepees come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits harmoniously in your space shouldn’t be difficult. In this post I bring you some of my personal favorites.

Minimalist Felt Cat Teepee

My first pick comes from Polish pet accessories makers “Hello Pets”. Their sleek teepee is made of a grey felt exterior, while a comfy cushion inside makes it the perfect enclosed bed.

felt cat teepee grey felt cat cave enclosed cat bed
Hellopets felt pet teepee. Not only for cats!

This contemporary pet teepee will easily fit in any interior. However, I think the best thing about this teepee is actually the cushion – it’s filled with silicone granules, so it’s basically a memory pillow for your cat. The cushion cover is made of high-quality silky polyester, which can be removed and washed when necessary. Don’t you just love it when something so stylish is comfortable and practical as well?

Elevated Cat Teepee and Hammock

The adventure tent from Tinker Trading Co. is an elevated cat tent and hammock. Inspired by camping culture, this tent makes way for a perfectly stylish indoor adventure.

cat teepee cat hammock blue adventure tent
Tinker Trading Co. adventure tent

The adventure tent features a sturdy Canadian Maple hardwood frame with a removable fabric top – so this tent actually doubles up as a cat hammock (I love that it’s multi functional!). The removable cover is available in 10(!) different colors.

A-Frame Cat Tents

For the decadent dweller

Cat tents are also a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Cat Play Furniture make this A-frame tent out of a plywood frame with a linen cover. Their design sets an outdoors-y mood while staying luxurious, thanks to an addition of rabbit fur throws that keep your cat warm and cozy (if you’re not into fur – there’s a simplified version of the tent that is fur free and rabbit friendly).

cat teepee cat tent by cat play furniture
Cat Play Furniture A-frame cat tent

Notice the carved pattern on the frame: I love the attention to detail on this design. Whatever version of this tent you prefer – you can choose your favorite color for the frame (with or without the carved pattern), the fabric and the fur.

cat teepee cat tent by cat play furniture
cat teepee cat tent by cat play furniture

For the minimalist adventurer

Tuft+Paw offers a slightly more minimalist tent, although very luxurious. The Cabana tent is made of a wooden frame with a removable (and washable) felt cover. This one is open on two sides (as opposed to the previous tent which has only one opening).

cat teepee cat tent by hello pets
Luxurious cat tent from Tuft+Paw

This tent is also made by “Hello Pets”, and just like their teepee – it features a soft memory cushion with silicone granules and a silky washable cover.

cat teepee cat tent by hello pets
cat teepee cat tent by hello pets

Boho Chic Cat Teepee

The next one is a more traditional design, with a “southwestern flair” as described by maker “Teepee Town Studio”. This handmade cat teepee will fit in perfectly in a bohemian-style, plant and light filled home.

cat teepee cat tent boho chic
Teepee Town Studio cat teepee

The fabric is 100% cotton, and is available in either blue, red, beige or fern green. Inside is a floor mat and cushion that can be washed at home, for your cat’s (and your own) convenience.

Contemporary Cat Tent

I love plywood furniture, so this cat tent from Cat Play Furniture is an instant favorite. It’s made of carved plywood coated with health-safe oil coloring. The carving pattern really accentuates the natural qualities of the plywood.

contemporary cat teepee cat plywood
Cat Play Furniture carved plywood cat tent

This plywood cat tent comes with a matching cotton cushion to ensure maximum comfort. Notice that the bottom of the tent is slightly elevated, for better insulation.

Which one of these cat teepees is your favorite? Does your cat have any visible hiding spots around your home? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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