This Minimalist Cat Tent Will Satisfy Both Your and Your Cat’s Needs

This Minimalist Cat Tent Will Satisfy Both Your and Your Cat’s Needs

“Hello Pets”, the pet accessory brand from Poland, offers a collection of sleek, modern pet products. “The Hut” is a minimalist cat tent that serves as a perfect demonstration of the brand’s thoughtful approach towards pets and their design-loving humans.

Minimalist cat tent from Hello Pets

The tent is made of a solid wood frame with a grey felt cover. Inside is a silicone granules cushion, like a memory pillow, with a quality silky polyester cover.

Cats love to hide and sleep in hidden places, but they always seem to be alert. The shape of the tent is designed to make your cat feel comfortable and safe – by allowing her to relax while being on the lookout. It is open on both sides so that your cat can escape easily if she likes, and not feel trapped. She can also peek between the felt sheets to remain alert while cuddling on the soft cushion.

This cat tent is also easy to maintain by removing and washing the cushion cover when necessary. The wooden frame and felt cover can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Dimensions: 25.5″ X 25.5″ X 31.5″ (65 X 65 X 80 cm)

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Minimalist cat tent

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