Modern Wall Mounted Cat Scratchers

Modern Wall Mounted Cat Scratchers

Stylish wall mounted cat scratcher designs that take up zero space

I previously wrote about the importance of placing cat scratching posts and pads in your home. A cat needs to scratch and stretch occasionally, but not at the expense of your furniture. The more alternatives you supply your cat – the less damage other furniture would endure. The problem is, nobody wants their home to look like a feline obstacle course (unless that is your thing, of course. No judgement). Fortunately for us, modish cat lovers, there are many solutions out there that are not only sophisticated, but can also be hanged on the wall – leaving the space in between unoccupied. In this post I bring you the most stylish modern wall mounted cat scratchers I could find online.

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Advantages of a Hanging Cat Scratching Post

For me, the number one advantage in using a hanging cat scratcher has to do with the territorial reasons that cats scratch. Scratching pads are more effective when placed in noticeable areas. Because they take up no space, you can place hanging cat scratchers nearly anywhere around the house.

Another advantage of hanging a cat scratcher is sturdiness and stability. An unstable scratching post might topple over while your cat tries to scratch it. Other than the danger of causing physical damage, your cat probably won’t risk scratching it again, deeming it useless. Therefore, sturdiness is a must. Securing a cat scratcher to the wall helps to stabilize it.

The sleek designs I recommend in this post also double up as modern decor, so there is no need to compromise on the aesthetics. Find out where to buy the most stylish wall mounted cat scratchers available online!

Wall Mounted Cardboard Scratch Pad

My cats love cardboard. They love the scratching sound, and they love shredding in general, so a cardboard scratcher is usually very satisfying. Another advantage of a cardboard scratching pad is that it’s usually the more affordable option. However, these tend to be quite bulky, and I wasn’t sure I could find a suitable product that could be hanged on the wall. I was so glad to be wrong! This wall-mounted scratching post from 4CLAWS definitely falls into the modern and sleek category. On top of that, it’s environmentally friendly as it’s made of 100% recyclable, durable cardboard.

cardboard wall mounted cat scratcher
4CLAWS cardboard cat scratching post

The long shape of this tall scratching board allows your cat to fully stretch her body while scratching. As a bonus, you can sprinkle some catnip on the curve at the bottom, to ensure maximum enjoyment for your furry fella.

Cardboard scratch pads do tend to wear out quite quickly compared to sisal and other materials. To make things easier, 4CLAWS scratching post comes with a set of adhesive metal hooks so that no drilling is necessary. Installation and replacement are simple and cause no damage to the walls.

If you prefer a more durable solution that wouldn’t have to be replaced every year or so, keep on reading for more stylish wall mounted cat scratchers!

Wall Mounted Sisal Scratch Boards

I know, I know, sisal is sooo basic… The whole reason I started this blog was because most cat furniture and accessories out there all look alike, in terms of design and materials. However, I managed to find a few exceptions: the following products are some of the most creative hanging sisal cat scratchers available online.

For rustic lovers

modern wall mounted sisal cat scratcher

Well, this round plywood and sisal scratching pad from CatPlayFurniture is not originally intended to be hanged on the wall. However, its flat shape leaves room for the option, so I asked the manufacturer if that’s possible. Evgeniy from Cat Play Furniture replied very quickly. He said they could add some fasteners to make it happen. Problem solved! I love that these manufacturers are flexible and attentive to their customers’ needs.

The minimalist design is comprised of natural sisal rope inserted into a slim plywood base that is available in 3 different colors. It is also available in an exclusive dark color, which gives it a unique smoked twist.

modern wall mounted cat scratcher sisal rope
Get the original here
modern wall mounted cat scratcher sisal rope
Get the exclusive color here

Just don’t forget to mention you want to hang the scratcher on the wall when you place an order!

Youthful and nature themed

Australian manufacturers KitskaCats also make round wall mounted cat scratchers. These have a wide wooden frame decorated with different patterns which give them a younger, crafty look. The scratchable area is made of a woven sisal sheet rather than a rope, for a smoother scratching experience:

modern wall mounted cat scratcher sisal fabric
modern cat scratcher sisal fabric
modern cat scratcher sisal fabric
modern wall mounted cat scratcher sisal fabric

What I like about the natural option is that it allows you to bring your own creativity to the design. If you love DIY projects like I do, this is a great advantage! Treat it like a blank canvas and apply some paint, washi-tape, stickers or hand drawing – and make it your own.

Luxury Wall Mounted Scratch Panels

Sisal isn’t suitable in any space. It can set quite a specific atmosphere, in terms of looks and materials. Indeed, all the products above are made of the same materials more or less, with a plywood base and a sisal scratching area. If you are seeking more luxurious materials, consider the following designs.

High-end felt scratching panel

The beautiful minimalist Volto Scratch Panel from MiaCara looks more like a contemporary piece of decor than a cat scratching post. The Italian company’s wall mounted cat scratchers are on an entirely different level!

modern wall mounted cat scratcher
Volto scratch panel from MiaCara

A removable felt scratch panel (available in 2 colors) is fitted in a sleek aluminium frame that can be screwed securely to the wall. Its shape and size make it exceptionally suitable for large cats. Consider hanging multiple panels at different heights and colors to make an interesting geometric display.

Carpet cat scratcher that is in fact wall art

Another classy product comes from Australian manufacturers WoofAndPurrth (yes, they are based in Perth as the name suggests). Scratchy Time cat scratchers are designed to look like artwork. The skilled makers, formally trained as architects, use materials that are animal (and human) safe.

modern wall mounted cat scratcher wall art

WoofAndPurrth currently offer two designs and colors on their Etsy page. These modern cat scratchers are incredibly chic! Check out the elegant cactus shape, or as they call it, “catcus”:

modern wall mounted cat scratcher cactus shape wall art

The frame is laser cut from sustainable fiber board and the insert is made of standard carpeting fabric. WoofAndPurrth are conscious makers: not only do they choose reclaimed and sustainable materials and limit wastage, they also donate a part of their profits to charity for homeless cat rescue. In my opinion, the social agenda at the basis of their craft makes their designs even more beautiful!

Which of the wall mounted cat scratchers did you like the most? Are your walls decorated with a stylish scratching pad? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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