Modular Cat Shelves by Myzoo Will Send Your Cat to Space

Modular Cat Shelves by Myzoo Will Send Your Cat to Space

Most cats enjoy climbing and perching in high places. Having plenty of vertical space in your home is beneficial to your cat’s well-being. Cat shelves are a great way to attain vertical territory, without cramping your space. Hanging a modular cat shelving system can provide your cat with the stimulation he needs while creating an appealing focal point.

With all that in mind, Taiwan-based brand “Myzoo” created a series of modular cat shelves inspired mostly by celestial elements. The series consists of no less than 9 different types of wall-mounted wooden items. These include shelves, perches, scratchable objects and wall-mounted cat beds, which can be arranged in different placements and combinations.

spaceship wall mounted cat bed

The Spaceship cat beds are definitely the most unique items in Myzoo’s collection. This cat furniture series immediately got my attention and interest in the brand. “Spaceship Gamma” is a wall-mounted cat bed, made of plywood and an oak or walnut veneer. It features an acrylic bubble through which your cat can observe the earth below.

wall mounted cat bed, cat shelf
Spaceship Gamma cat shelf bed – oak

The Spaceship is available in a natural oak or walnut finish. It has a wide entrance and four air holes for better circulation. You can choose the side for the entrance, so it’s simple to incorporate this item into a cat shelving system.

If you love this cat bed as much as I do – check out the Alpha Spaceship cat bed, which is not wall mounted but just as compelling.

sun and moon cat perch

“Solar” and “Luna” are a sun and moon-shaped cat shelves. Crafted from pine wood, both of these cat perches hold a round slotted platform for resting and climbing. These geometrically shaped cat shelves look like modern art pieces on the wall:

solar cat shelf myzoo
Solar cat shelf by Myzoo

The dimensions of Both Luna and Solar make them suitable for all cat sizes: they can hold up to 33lbs (15kg), and the depth of the perch makes it comfy enough even for larger cats, with 9.8″ for the Solar (25 cm) and 11.8 for the Lunar (30 cm).

hexagonal and multifunctional

The “Busy Cat” is another great modular cat shelves series that can be easily combined in any cat wall. It is a wooden hexagon with four side openings, that can be attached to another unit to form a honeycomb structure. Each unit is in itself modular – expanding the possibilities even more: you can either leave it open or cover it with a wooden plate to form a hideout.

modular cat shelves by myzoo
The “Busy Cat” modular cat shelf in natural pine finish. The right-bottom shelf has a cover plate

These too can hold up to 33lbs (15kg), and are available in three finishes: natural (pine), black or white. The cover plate (pictured above) is available in pine finish.

stairway to heaven

If you’re planning a modular cat shelves system for a large blank wall, combining multiple elements can lead to an interesting and creative arrangement. However, if your wall space is limited, hanging relatively large items close together can cramp the space even more. That’s why Myzoo offers a few smaller cat shelves that can be used as steps in between the larger items.

“Moku” cloud shelf

A combination of pine clouds and an acrylic platform compose this graphic cloud-shaped cat step. Your cat can be up on a cloud and look down at the ground through the clear bottom of the shelf. “Moku” is a great match for the Solar cat shelf.

cloud cat shelf
cloud cat shelf from below

“Twinkle Star” cat scratcher

Well, this item is not a cat shelf, but it is part of the series and can be beautifully combined in the modular cat shelves installment. The “Twinkle Star” is a wall mounted cat scratcher, in the shape of… A star of course! This is the perfect accessory for the Luna cat shelf.

cat shelf, wall mounted cat scratcher
“Twinkle Star” is a wall-mounted cat scratcher

Combining a scratchable element in a cat wall adds stimulation, making the entire activity even more enjoyable. And, of course, it functions as another step in between shelves, adding somewhat of a physical challenge due to its round base. This scratching post is wrapped in canvas threads, and the star is made of pine wood.

Here is some interesting information about wall mounted cat scratchers

“Zone” slanted platform

Simple in comparison to other items in this collection, yet just as functional – “Zone” is a slanted cat shelf that can also serve as a resting stop. You can choose the direction of the angled platform according to the cat wall installment.

modular cat shelf with angled platform
“Zone” cat shelf

Myzoo Lack shelves

“Lack” is a series of three cat shelves made from bent plywood with an oak veneer finish. Using bent plywood eliminates the need for brackets, and keeps the design clean and elegant.

modular cat shelf options

Sold by the pair, you can choose between a rounded shelf and two rectangular shelves in different sizes:
S (small) – 7.9″ x 9.8″ (20 x 25 cm)
M (medium) – 11.8″ x 11.8″ (30 x 30 cm)
R (rounded) – 7.9″ – 11.8″ (20 x 30 cm)

Putting it all together

If you’re having trouble with planning your cat wall, Myzoo offers free help with designing the layout. Just add “customization layout service” to your cart, and they will guide you through the process. Here is an example of a layout that combines the Busy Cat, Gamma Spaceship, Luna and Zone. The result fits harmoniously in the intended space:

modular cat shelves layout
Light pine and oak tones blend in perfectly

Another option is to buy a bundle for a reduced price. You get a 15% discount for purchasing several products together. This bundle combines the Busy Cat with a Gamma Spaceship, for which you can, of course, choose the entrance side:

modular cat shelves layout in black
Busy Cat and Gamma Spaceship layout in black finish

Do you have an interesting modular cat shelves system in your space? Which of these products would make an enjoyable addition? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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